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Amie Joachim | A Planet Warrior | Her Story

Amie Joachim | A Planet Warrior | Her Story
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I’m Amie, a Graphic Designer based in the countryside of Wiltshire in the UK. I recently pursued a dream of becoming a yoga teacher and took 200hr Yoga Teacher Training during the past year to teach adult yoga. I have just qualified as a children’s yoga teacher certified by Cosmic Kids. I can’t wait to plant mindfulness seeds and well-being to young minds. 
I absolutely love figure skating and started lessons 3 years ago. I’m now jumping and spinning, slowly of course but I feel so free on the ice. 
“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” - Anon. 
I make my own beauty products and buy eco friendly cleaning products. As a designer I absolutely love wearing clothes that just make us happy when we look at them. The happiness you get to feel knowing your clothes are made ethically. Enjoying a perfect fit, creative colours and peace of mind.
Follow my journey on Instagram. I’m @amieonice

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