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Natalie Cordrey | A Planet Warrior | Her Story

Natalie Cordrey | A Planet Warrior | Her Story
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Hi, I'm Natalie. I created Yoga Field & Sea, a luxury yoga and coastal experience retreat business, in order to share with others, the three things in my life that keep me sane: yoga, hiking and being in the ocean. 
I’ve spent almost 20 years in demanding corporate jobs, with crazy long hours, tonnes of international travel and high expectations of me. Throw in raising three kids, living in different countries around the world, having severe scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine) and attempting to keep fit and healthy and you have one busy life! 
I experienced a fair amount of stress and pain over the years and oftentimes I was way off balance with too many hours at my desk or on a plane. The result of stress on your body as well as your mind is not to be underestimated.
I found a way to live pain-free, and a way to create balance in my life when I moved home from six years in Seattle to the beautiful South Hams region of Devon. Moving, with my family, back to my roots and living by the sea allowed me to teach more yoga, hike more coastline and submerge into the sea every single day, all year round (no wetsuit!).
I cannot even begin to describe the energising and invigorating feeling you get when you are submerged in the fresh cold salt water, or when you are hiking the cliff path in the howling wind and rain. It’s a feeling of being alive, and my body and my mind thank me for it every day.
I am passionate about the benefits of a daily yoga practice, the benefits of taking in those awe inspiring views in South Devon and the huge health advantages the ocean and the cold water can offer our bodies and minds…..and I want to share it all with you.
Yoga Field & Sea is ready to welcome you to South Devon!
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