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Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping

Beautiful gift wrapped presents ready for you to give to your loved ones this Christmas. Save time wrapping your presents by selecting our gift wrap option. We have carefully hand picked every detail of our luxurious gift wrapping to ensure it is all eco-friendly as recyclable! 

✔  Gorgeous eco gift bag made from recycled materials and recyclable 

✔ Tissue paper that's acid free and recyclable, made from 99% recycled pulp fibres

  Satin feel ribbon made from wood pulp derived from Pine and Eucalyptus trees which are sustainably sourced and is biodegradable 

✔ Packaging tape with 100% recycled cardboard core, 60% bio-based and without bleach, and uses solvent free adhesive.

✔ Our postcard is printed on 100% recycled board which has an uncoated, natural unbleached surface.

✔ Stickers that are recyclable and dissolvable

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