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Judit | A Planet Warrior | Her Story

Judit | A Planet Warrior | Her Story
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I am a 37 year old woman originally from Spain (near Barcelona), who has lived over the last 12 years in London working in the financial services. My yoga journey started last year when I decided to quit my job and travelled during 6 months; it was during this time where I squeezed a mini yoga retreat in Thailand.


For a beginner like me it was hard due to inflexibility, lack of balancing, controlled strength and peace of mind, and which made me think that my body and mind lacked something, and it is when I realised that yoga and its practice had so many areas I could benefit from. When I came back to London, as I didn't have a job to go bak to, I took the opportunity to volunteer at a yoga studio as a receptionist, where I would get free yoga classes in return, so I started doing 5-6 classes per week of different yoga styles during a couple of months, and here I am, still going and learning.

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