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Stefanie Sarges | A Planet Warrior | Her Story

Stefanie Sarges | A Planet Warrior | Her Story
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Stefanie is originally from Germany, but has travelled the world since 2014. After quitting her job as a PR agent in Hamburg in order to turn her energy and heart fully towards her passion - teaching yoga - she travelled through Asia as a yoga teacher for over a year. Teaching opportunities brought her to India, Thailand, Bali and Nepal, where eventually she met her now husband - a Major in the Gurkhas. After living & teaching in Kenya for almost two years, now she lives in Brunei, on the island of Borneo, with her husband and her little daughter.

Stefanie is a lover of all movements. A former gymnast who studied sport science and is trained in Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and newly certified as functional range conditioning (FRC)specialist. Integrating her knowledge, education and experience into her way of practicing and teaching yoga, she creates playful challenging classes with an always new intention to take your practice off the yoga mat into your daily life.

“We are living now since more than a year just a few hundred meters away from the beach. Depending on the current, it can be absolutely shocking sometimes, how much plastic is washed onto the beach. You hear it in the news, facebook, Instagram, but when you see it in real life....uuuuhhh goosebumps. Being an ambassador for Planet Warrior therefore is an absolute honour for me. And I love to spread the word about such a great initiative.”

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