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Steph Bennett | A Planet Warrior | Her Story

Steph Bennett | A Planet Warrior | Her Story
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Steph has been practising yoga for more than seven years and is now a fully qualified yoga teacher.

She completed her 200hrs in Ubud, Bali at the start of this year and will be taking her 300hrs in Dublin, Ireland next summer.

Her journey into yoga began from a young age as she went from national baton twirling champion, to dance and eventually running. It was only when she started training for the London marathon that she became fascinated by anatomy and recognised how yoga could be the secret to injury prevention that she decided to pursue the option of teaching.

“I was immediately attracted to Planet Warrior by the striking design of the yoga wear. When I realised they were created with recycled plastic I was wowed, intrigued and excited. For every contribution each of us can make to care for this wonderful planet we explore and enjoy, we can continue to preserve the amazing things it has to offer.”

“I’ve travelled to more than forty countries and each year I see the landscape change with plastic washing up in the most remote areas of Norway even. That’s why I’m proud to be an ambassador for a company that’s about to make a difference.”

Follow Steph and her fantastic journey on instagram: @stephneversettles

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